Collection: Poppy Lennox

Poppy Lennox is a London based artist who creates unique works on paper and wood incorporating gold leaf, paint and embroidery. Lennox is drawn to movement, colour and light. Often taking influence from the patterns of nature, she is interested in how the objects of her compositions interplay and the tension in the space between them. Symmetry and geometry play a large part in her work - often exploring how repetitive pattern sequencing creates order and balance but also leans towards a sense of control and tension.  

Lennox studied Fine Art at Newcastle University. In 2020 she was invited to create the 5th limited edition artist’s label for renowned London wine merchants Berry Bros & Rudd’s ‘Good Ordinary Claret’, following in the footsteps of Paul Smith and Luke Edward-Hall. Lennox was recently part of the London Creative Network / Space Studios professional development programme and participated in The Other Art Fair, London in October 2021.