Start your art collection

Starting an art collection is easier than ever with our art consultation service and instalment-based payment plans.  There is a preconception that art is only for those who can afford it but we offer something for everyone.  

Here is our guide to starting your own collection:

Step 1.

Finding your style

Start investigating! Before you start any art collection, work out what it is you like and what you don't.  London is brimming with inspiration from independent galleries, art fairs, artist open studios, graduate shows and even street art. If you don’t already, start following artists and curators you like on social media.

With just a couple of reference pieces or some general prompts on colour, atmosphere and placement we can suggest artists that match style and budget!


Working to your budget

Many people start their collections with limited edition prints.  Our print and edition collection is a great first step on your purchasing journey, with over 20 artists offering various styles and price points. We are constantly discovering new, emerging artists and compelling prints to add to our website with exciting edition drops throughout the year that offer a more adrenaline fuelled, rare print opportunity.

We recommend looking at recent graduates and emerging artists if you have a tight budget, you could start off buying a small, original painting and you might just get lucky and it could turn out to be a great investment.



Framing is a crucial part to art collecting and can completely transform the feel of the work.

We work with a number of top London framers who can advise on things such as UV glass protection, mounting and framing finishes. We also recommend getting framing advise from the artists who create the work.


Hanging and Curating

There aren’t really any rules when it comes to hanging artwork but considering things such as available wall space, the existing art collection, the proportion of artwork to space, how the art ties in with the exteriors in your home all play an important part.

99 Projects Director, Frances Casey has curated numerous exhibitions in and around London. She has advised on artwork investing and hanging in offices, homes and business in the UK and internationally and is happy to visit spaces and advise on curation.