Collection: Dan Pearce



Dan is a contemporary mixed media artist, his works take inspiration from street and pop art and juxtaposing it with fine art, his work is bold and confident in style often completely transforming iconic portraits with his own inimitable style and blurring lines between new media, pop and digital art.

Having exhibited his work since 2013, Dan has rapidly become one of the UK’s most talked about and collectable artists.  His unique artworks blend graffiti, collage, traditional painting and textured resin while incorporating unusual objects such as smashed glass and dollar bills to create his much sought-after pieces. 

He has created for the likes of 50 Cent, Boy George, Idris Elba, Amy Winehouse, Anthony Joshua, Rag’n’Bone Man and various top Premier League footballers. Dan’s unmistakable pieces provide an incredible explosion of energy and disparate style which bring life to any space they inhabit and take on new meanings the more they are observed, both from near and afar.