Collection: Elizabeth Power

Formerly living in London Power moved to St Leonards on Sea three years ago and has become well known amongst art lovers and collectors for her colourful and energetic paintings that exude warmth and vibrancy. Inspired by colourists such as Matisse, Hockney and Milton Avery Power’s work has a colour palette rich in coral pinks, forest greens and cool blues. Inspired by her surroundings, 'Coastal Calm’ is an artistic form of escapism enhanced by a heightened colour palette.

As a busy working artist and mother of two, Power's new body of work captures rare moments of calm featuring nostalgic and iconic coastal depictions from striped deckchairs to seascapes and charming seaside architecture. The collection also features natural elements such as flowers and other flora, often pictured in vases made by local artisans against a backdrop of bright light against heavy shadows of a midsummer’s day. Deliberately without figures in the work Power’s paintings depict moments she has had to herself that bring peace allowing the viewer to transport themselves into the scene. Drawn to the fast drying nature of the paint, Power paints mostly with acrylics but always starting with a backwashed canvas of her signature pink or yellow.

Working from her own photography Power creates loose sketches on the canvas followed by expressive painted brush strokes. Raw and organic each piece plays with textures, exposed pencil lines and visible brush strokes to capture the atmosphere for the scene.  Relocating from West London to St Leonards on Sea just before the UK lockdown, Power and her family are just one of the many families drawn to the romanticism of the coast seeking a different kind of life. Filled with creatives and freelancers, more and more former Londoners are starting new lives by the sea, motivated by the confines of the city during lockdown. Proudly bringing the peacefulness and romanticism of the seaside to London, art lovers can visit the exhibition and take home their own piece of coastal calm.