Photo of Lucy Smallbone with her artwork in background

Interview with Lucy Smallbone

We recently chatted to Lucy about her creative process and inspiration behind her work....
How does a painting begin for you? Are you cementing a memory you'd like to hold onto by making it tangible?
Painting begins with lots and lots of drawing. I draw from a mix of found materials and memories, each drawing explores different colour combinations and marks. From this I set about deciding which size canvas will suit the work, normally favouring larger scale as it allows me to play with walls of colour.
Can you tell us about the places or memories that have influenced this specific selection of works?
So most are inspired by my childhood home in the south of France, where there were terracotta tiles everywhere and the whole house was painted pink. Hence why so many of my paintings are peachy pink with turquoise pools.  But also depending on what I want to paint I change the location to suit, recently I wanted Blue tiles so I was looking at Sicily and Morocco. 
How important is colour to your process? You have such a distinguishable palette that emanates tranquillity.
 Colour is everything to my paintings and normally the starting point to my work. I always start a painting session by mixing up different painting plates/palettes in colour tones. Which gives me an array of colour at my finger tips to work with!
You graduated from Slade School of Art with a masters in Fine Art, did this change how you approach your work? And how so?
I think it changed my work by giving me confidence to just go for what I wanted to paint. I didn't quite find it when I was actually there but eventually  it all percolated through.
What do you hope to inspire in the viewer through your art?
I hope that the pieces stir their own memories of places that they have visited as well as inspire where they want to be.
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